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Training neuro-visuel
Ancre 1 -Présentation N&Co

Neuro&Co® Programme

Stress, anxieties, tensions

Exhaustion, burnout,

Confusion, difficulty concentrating, insomnia


When willpower is no longer enough!


Neuro&Co® is a physical practice for stress management through neuro-sensory stimulation.

The Neuro&Co® Programme is accessible to everyone

and the benefits are long-lasting!

Ancre 2 - Gestion Stress

Stress Management!

"Passions, emotions, and desires, when properly channeled, possess their own wisdom: They guide our thoughts, actions, and the choices of our values (...) but they can also lead us astray, and too often they do." 

Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics.


And what if stress and emotions were a matter of reflexes? What do neuroscience say?

The Neuro-Training

The Neuro&Co® Reflex Integration Programme consists of:

1 - Evaluating the accuracy of reflex reactions of the Central Nervous System (CNS) involved in managing stress and emotions;


2 - Stimulating the brain's self-regulatory capacities to adjust the reflex organization of the CNS and achieve more adapted responses to daily demands!


Après une dizaine de séances j'allais mieux et me sentais moins stressée, plus sereine, plus confiante et un peu moins anxieuse.

J'affronte plus aisément les difficultés de la vie. Mon sommeil s'est amélioré ainsi que ma vitalité. Je suis moins en conflit avec l 'extérieur.

Je poursuis le neuro-training :)

Christine B. 50 years old

After about ten sessions, I was feeling better and less stressed, more serene, more confident, and a little less anxious.


I handle life's challenges more easily. My sleep has improved along with my vitality. I am less in conflict with the outside world.


I continue with the neuro-training :)

How long are the neuro-training sessions? 


The sessions last 30 minutes.


Indeed, it takes 30 minutes per image to restore the corresponding reflex arc; in other words, to make the management of the proposed image automatic by the nervous system and thus be able to move on to the next image.

In practice, we do not hesitate to propose longer sessions for accelerated training!

photo G Quertant.jpeg


100 years of experience!


Georges Quertant (1894 - 1964) uncovered the pedagogical (or educational) possibilities of the nervous system through the richness of vision, both through its sensory pathway and the numerous nerve centers it interacts with (midbrain centers, thalamus and hypothalamus, cortical areas of sensitivity, mnemonic and associative areas, pituitary gland), as well as the reflexes it evokes.


Open Day at Haguenau

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