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At the core of psychic and cognitive automatisms!

The Neuro&Co® Reflex Integration Program is a self-regulating brain gymnastics aimed at restoring the accuracy of nerve reactions.


Neuro&Co® is a natural, sustainable stress management practice accessible to everyone!


For a more harmonious management of the demands of everyday life!

Neurotraining - 1 Gestion stress

1. Stress Management - A Matter of Reflexes!


Advancements in neuroscience and associated innovative technologies have provided the scientific foundations for understanding brain function, particularly in the realm of the psyche:


Emotions, behavior, and cognition are unconscious and involuntary neurobiological mechanisms, meaning they are automatic or pre-programmed (reflexes), akin to vital functions regulated by the primitive brain – such as breathing, metabolism, and stereotyped reactions and movements.

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Consequently, a perfect organization of reflex arcs ensures appropriate reactions to everyday stimuli (Stimulation 1 - Reaction 1).


Conversely, a disorganization of reflex arcs, also referred to as a misalignment of the control box caused by various shocks and traumas and/or chronic stress (Stimulation 1 - Reaction 10 or Reaction 0.3), inevitably leads to overflow: obsessions, mental confusion, sleep and mood disorders, withdrawal, violence, anxiety, attention difficulties, lack of control, hyper-vigilance state, and more.

2. Vision - Direct Access to the Central Nervous System!


The perception and processing of visual information require the activation of more than half of our brain and affect the entire organism: metabolism, neuro-vegetative life, affective, intellectual, and behavioral functions that are its concretization.


Vision is a reflexive process, the quality and precision of which depend on the integrity of the nervous mechanisms involved in the elaboration of the image.


However, visual mechanisms involve limbic and cognitive brains, pillars of emotional intelligence. A disorganization of cerebral reflex arcs therefore has repercussions both on the psychological level and on the visual level.

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Neuro&Co® stereoscopic devices allow:


- the detection of malfunctioning cerebral reflex arcs - "the Assessment";

- the integration of new cerebral reflex arcs - "the Neuro-training".

3. Detection of Malfunctioning Cerebral Reflex Arcs - "The Assessment"


The assessment involves presenting 22 test images designed to stimulate and evaluate the reflex reaction of the nervous system.


An impaired vision of the tests indicates an inappropriate nervous reaction - "hyper/hypo".


The assessment thus informs us about the nature of the disorganization of reflex arcs and its potential consequences, mainly on emotional, behavioral levels, or even in terms of academic performance, in stressful situations.


Neuro&Co® is a tool for identifying risk factors for functional difficulties in adults and children.


Correct image vision - Balanced nervous system

Convergence Hyper - réactionnelle

Distorted image vision - Hyper-reactive nervous system

divergence hypo - réactionnelle

Distorted image vision - Hypo-reactive nervous system

4. Integration of Cerebral Reflex Arcs - "The Neuro-Training"

The Neuro&Co® training is a genuine neuro-pedagogy. Tailored to each individual based on the assessment results, it aims to subject the nervous system to a learning process to regain the accuracy of innate automatism.


The sensory stimulation generated by the test image leads to a regular brain-regulating gymnastics until the image is perceived correctly.


The correct perception of the image after training confirms a perfect match between visual stimulation and the provided nervous energy (or nervous reaction), thus indicating the reinstated integration of innate reflex mechanisms contributing to its elaboration - Stimulation 1 - Reaction 1.


Throughout the 30-minute sessions, the progressive reorganization of reflex arcs is accompanied by an improvement in nervous balance. Changes are felt in daily life on different levels.


This is a proven process of neuro-visual biofeedback, in other words, a normalizing feedback loop from cause - the brain functions, by action on the effect - the visual functions.

5. Neuroscience Accessible to All!

The uniqueness of the Neuro&Co® Reflex Integration Program lies in combining this proven biofeedback process with modern brain synchronization techniques and recent discoveries in light therapy, for a faster and more comfortable training experience.

The content of this website is for informational purposes only.

It should not be considered as medical advice and cannot replace professional medical guidance.

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