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Become a Practitioner



The Neuro & Co® training is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals. However, it is also accessible to everyone!

The training is provided by the SAS Neuro Connect's - a training provider registered with the DREETS Occitania since 2022.

Alongside our trainers, who are experts in the field of neuro-visual pedagogy, doctors and optometrists are involved in providing excellent education.


The objective is twofold: 


1. Acquire in-depth scientific knowledge in the fields of neuro-physiology, optics and neuroscience, essential for the practice of Neuro&Co® exercise - 100 hours.

2. Gain a solid practical experience to be immediately operational - 150 to 200 hours. 

The training centers are located in Gignac (34) and Strasbourg (67) and offer both remote (theoretical training) and in-person (practical training) support.

For more information on pricing, upcoming session dates and a detailed program of the training, do not hesitate to contact us! 


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