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Vanessa G.
44 years old


I discovered the method at the Bio&co fair in Strasbourg 2 years ago, looking for complementary help to treat migraines alongside conventional treatments. At that time, each migraine attack with aura lasted 4 days every 15 days, significantly affecting my personal and professional quality of life. In a context of burnout, divorce and the passing of a parent, stress levels were at their peak.

The exercises were unbearable at the beginning and triggered migraines. However, with perseverance and the guidance of Dominique, I gradually saw the frequency of my migraines decrease. I was able to reduce my dependence on medication and gained mental clarity, enabling me to better cope with stressful situations.

Just 10 days ago, I accompanied my second parent until his last breath, while also managing the move from my house. And what Joy it was to go through these challenging times WITHOUT migraines!! I remain convinced that this method is effective thanks to the therapeutic alliance that Dominique has created with her patient. His dedication, support, kindness and empathy, are the necessary ingredients for the success of this method. I express all my gratitude.

My daughter, Rose, who is 7 and a half years old, suddenly lost visual acuity in her left eye and color vision a year ago during the separation of her parents. After normal neurological and ophthalmological examinations, I decided to have her try the method. My child quickly built trust with her therapist and achieved positive results in a short period of time. Today, she has regained 100% visual acuity and color vision.


Agathe T.
23 years old

La preuve par A+B

I shed a few tears, expended all my energy, and experienced monumental bouts of fatigue during most of the sessions... but it was worth it! I completed all 4 phases of the process, and today I feel comfortable in my own skin, I embrace myself, I have more confidence, I am happy, and I know what I want in life. Superficiality, uncertainty, and shame are no longer part of me.


This method may not be conventional, but anyone can do it: you're shown 4 circles forming a diamond shape. If you only see 3 circles vertically, then your brain is lying to you! It's binary, proven by A + B.

Antoine T.
19 years old


Unschooling, inability to concentrate, constant state of stress and panic, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, hypersensitivity.


After 45 sessions (beginning of cycle 2), I have made tremendous progress in attention and concentration. After more than 6 months of absence, I have returned to school, more motivated and determined than ever to achieve my goals. I now know how to enjoy the present moment without worrying about the past or the future. I am improving in all areas.

Ancre 3 - Antoine T

Family P.
13 to 86 years old

We have been attending Neuro & Co sessions as a family. Initially, we started the sessions for our middle schooler to help her fill gaps in her education, and within a few months, her confidence and grades significantly improved. Every member of the family, ranging from 13 to 86 years old, has benefited from this incredible approach!

Manuel B.

For my husband, the difference is clear: he is happier and better at managing his emotions!

After 7 sessions...

17 years old

Patience et persévérance

I struggled with lack of concentration and easily forgetting what I needed to do.


The initial sessions were challenging. However, I quickly made progress with some tough spots in cycle 3. It was difficult to grasp the idea of not seeing the colored circles presented. But the machine cannot lie.


Now, I feel more grounded, and my mind is more organized. I am clearer with myself. I truly appreciated the explanations about how the nervous system functions, which provided answers to the causes of my weaknesses.


I recommend this method. You just need to be patient and persistent to see long-term results.

12 years old


I am at the end of cycle 1.


I have noticed the first changes in my sleep. I sleep better.


Regarding emotions, I feel much less stressed. I can calm myself down and discuss more calmly with those around me.


There is a significant improvement in concentration. I retain information more easily.

Ancre 4
Ancre 1 Pauline D

Pauline D.
36 years old

Neuro&Co® has changed my life! No more stress, anxiety, or rumination...


I've also gained confidence, developed new projects, and learned to appreciate the present moment without fearing the future or lamenting the past. It's been a wonderful journey with my practitioner, always attentive with gentleness and patience.


It's been 7 months (25 sessions) since I started this beautiful adventure leading me to well-being. I recommend it to everyone, and I fully intend to complete the program.


Wellness massage therapist

I let myself be convinced, and after 5 sessions, the results are here! I have more energy, and I am less overwhelmed by emotions. Impressive! I can't wait to see what comes next. Thank you, Isabelle.

Laurence P.
56 years old

Burn out

I undertook the neuro-training following a burnout. This method allowed me to regain mental clarity and useful lucidity when making decisions. Moreover, I restored my sleep and peace of mind.

Even, my digestive system has benefited from these sessions. Today, I can eat anything, even gluten!

Furthermore, I've noticed that I feel more confident and serene when facing professional challenges and projects. My previous fears have been replaced by fair questioning.

It's been for 4 years since I completed all levels of this method, I wonder why I didn't have the opportunity to benefit from it earlier!

I do a few realignment sessions every year to stay at the top of my physical and mental well-being

This method should be taught from a young age.

My daughter Caroline also had the chance to benefit from this method when she was 16 years old. Today she is 23. At the beginning of rehabilitation, we used to call her "Flabby Caroline ". 

Now, she is a clear-minded, sharp and assertive young woman.
She obtained her engineering degree and chose to work in a company where she thrives.

Thank you and thank you again for this journey which was indeed marked by difficulties but above all by great victories!

Laurence, management consultant & Caroline, engineer

Claire P. 28


As the sessions progressed, I felt more confident about my resources and my strengths. I came for anxiety attacks and to my surprise, I saw the quality of sleep improve significantly.


After 15 sessions, I feel stronger in my professional sphere and less overwhelmed by negative emotions. Anxiety attacks have decreased significantly.


A big thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your benevolence! 

Ancre 2 Claire

Esther A.
63 years old


In 2018, I faced health issues that could have led me into a severe and painful depression. Hormonal disorders, fatigue, insomnia and emotional hypersensitivity made my daily life difficult for my loved ones and myself and it severely limited my social life t

I continued with the method for about 2 years, and even with geographical distance, I still engage in neuro-training whenever the opportunity arises. The neuro-training continues to bring positive effects into my life.

The Neuro & Co® triggered an overwhelmingly emotional reaction. I  started the method at the lowest level. From the first sessions I felt a boost of strength and energy that my loved ones quickly noticed. In a few months, sleep was restored as well as digestive functioning.


Today, my life today is finally enjoyable. I can control my emotions and handle stress and difficulties without falling into extreme reactions.

I continued with the method for about 2 years, and despite geographical distance, I still engage in neuro-training whenever the opportunity arises. The neuro-training continues to  bring positive effects in my life.

Veronique M.


Neuro & Co®… An opening to oneself!


Throughout the sessions, my two eyes align and impose their way and manner of seeing letters, colors... In turn, a blockage arises, a tumult is experienced, a silence extends, and the mist dissipates to make way for something new, something solid... until the next step. My inner gaze captures this internal and external landscape that transforms... As if the outside and the inside merge to see only one and the same thing: my reality.

13 years old

Academic difficulties

"I started the Neuro&Co® program at the age of 12 and completed all 3 cycles in 1 year and 2 months (2 sessions per week).


Neuro&Co® has helped me a lot, especially at school, to keep up with classes and do my homework! I can concentrate better, and I am calmer and more attentive. Today, when I go to school, I go not only to see my friends but also to work. I enjoy doing things more. If I had to do it again, I would, even though sometimes the 'brain gym' sessions caused insomnia, muscle pain, and headaches.


I learned a lot: how machines and the brain work, cycles, their effects on the body, words like 'inhibitions.' I love what Georgette does. It's a very nice experience that I recommend to gifted and 'Dys' children, and to those who have trouble concentrating and move a lot.


I forgot to mention that after finishing the sessions, I came back to see Georgette 7 months later and checked by doing a cycle 3 test that everything was stable and, above all, easy!


Thank you, Georgette."

Marianne R.

A new start !

A few intense months. In the depths, unknowingly searching for that profound being that rarely sleeps, often seeks to express itself, and  sometimes, knocks hard at the door!


From the first images, changes are felt: ingrained habits shift, things are seen differently. By the end of the first cycle feels more balanced, coordination improves, anxiety lessens, and there's a greater openness to life, joy of living in general...

As the images unfold, everything becomes clearer, leading to the “roller coaster” of cycle 3: I can now read music without eye  strain, while keeping an attentive ear to the other musicians. I breathe better. Hyperacusis attacks are a thing of the past. Technical difficulties against which I struggled with for years have been resolved with a single image, making way for greater expressiveness.

Overall, my digestion has normalized, and I can quickly identify and release bodily tensions, whatever the context is. My decision-making, organizational, and learning abilities have significantly improved. I have stepped out of "roles" and relational games. The hyperhidrosis in my hands and feet, which I had suffered from forever, has decreased by 80%.

At first, I was afraid that the method would decrease my sensitivity. Now I see things as they are and I realize with relief that I can still be moved to tears by music, a gesture, a landscape...


Above all, I feel a kind of quiet assurance towards life, which allows me to be at the same time centered, fully attentive and available for my environment. I feel capable of following my path whatever it may be. And I have confidence.


Even my voice - spoken, sung - has changed. It's a new start. With life ahead of me. THANKS !

Christine B. 
50 years old


After about ten sessions, I was feeling better, less stressed, more serene, more confident and sightly less anxious.

I face the life's challenges more easily. My sleep has improved as well as my vitality. I find myself in less with conflict with the outside world


I continue neuro-training :)

Valerie J.


I am a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and trained in Chinese medicine. I was curious to know and understand the Neuro & Co® approach although I had no particular problems but the desire to be in a greater physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic balance and enabling me to better to support my patients as well as possible. 

• Hot flashes related to menopause have stopped.

• Appetite has decreased, and my weight has stabilized.

• Sleep is better and more restorative.

• Intuition is sharper.

• I am more creative, and my cognition has significantly improved.

• I feel more balanced, more connected to life and others without being impacted.


I find this program to be highly effective and a great complement to my work in psychotherapy.

Today, I near the end of program, I can witness the benefits of the neuro-training: 

  • The motion sickness has disappeared. I can even read a novel on long car trips. 

  • Improved concentration in my work. 

  • Hot flashes related to menopause have stopped. 

  • Appetite has decreased and my weight has stabilised. 

  • Sleep is better and more restorative. 

  • Intuition is sharper. 

  • I am more creative and my cognition has significantly improved. 

  • I feel more balanced, more connected to life and to others without being impacted. 

I find this program to be highly effective and a great complement to my work in psychotherapy. 


A humorous take on the method :)

You find yourself facing bizarre devices

You are invited to take sit in front of one of them

And you wonder what kind of stew you'll be cooked in.

Ah, there you are, nose pressed against the fork of one of them

Then circles, appear, you see …..

Ouh, ouh, you ask how many drinks

You had before coming to the session?

The circles wobble before your eyes like a rowboat at sea,

From three, go to four, others start doubling,

Then, you can't keep track anymore!...

This situation, a bit confusing, troubles you....

Depending on the device, you have circles of letters

Other have circles of red, yellow, green colors

Uh…  Green ? you say ? Agrhhh  …  turns into blue or yellow,

Enough to tickle, uh, disrupt your neurons

In short, they change, depending on your level of drunkenness or sobriety!...

Or perhaps, it's just hallucinations?

While you struggle,

A benevolent being approaches you,

Speaking softly, in a husched voice,

Asks you: so!  Is everything alright ?


Then, when you managed to see three rounds

Nicely aligned vertically,

Without movement, for…. A good while,

Move on to the next step: four circles (it increases!)

Then, oh boy! it is a big leap towards !!! 9 circles, my friends,

And it's far from over!

At first it plays yo-yo!

You think you'll be able to capture the 9 circles,

During the whole session? Mmm ! There, you are wrong!

From 9, go back to 3 then to 6 and suddenly bam12! Ouch!

Finally return to 9. And this torture….  You see! lasts thirty minutes

And you wonder what you are doing here ?

Well! to repair the circuits of the nervous system,

Slightly damaged by the life's bumps,

So that they are all connected again.

13 years old

Behavior, "High-Potential"

My son Anys started the Neuro&Co® program in July 2018, just before entering 8th grade. After an assessment with a psychologist at the end of preschool, Anys skipped first grade because he was considered “gifted or high potential”. He could read and count before entering elementary school. However, everything else was complicated, especially his relationships with others. Anys also struggled to fall asleep, leading to recurring fatigue. 

I want to thank the entire team for their support and kindness. It's essential to have such caring people around during challenging times.

In middle school, Anys had no trouble keeping up with the lessons, but he lacked motivation and had behavioral problems in class, which affected him negatively. 

The first benefit of the  Neuro&Co® program was the improvement in his sleep. Now, as the neuro-training is coming to an end, I find him more invested in his schoolwork, more independent. His attitude with others has improved and he had a successful year in 9th grade. He's on the right track! 

Thank you to the whole Gignac team for their support and kindness. It is essential to have such caring people around during difficult times.  

Michele G.

"An aid beyond expectations"

I used to suffer from almost daily headaches, dizziness and an intolerance to loud noise, which was particularly problematic as I am a teacher in a preschool.

Later, I realized that all these issues were connected to a general unhappiness in my life, in my relationship with my husband, my family and my colleagues. In short, a deep sense of weariness had settled in for several years. 

The neuro-training helped me gradually over the weeks and months to break free from numbness, regain sel-confidence, and dare to confront the real problems rather than continue to endure them despite the difficult and painful upheavals that were necessary. Willpower alone wasn't enough. It took time and effort. 

The Neuro & Co® program helped me beyond my expectations, to feel more in tune with myself, with be beneficial consequences: fewer headaches, a renewed interest in my work and a more harmonious personal life.  I have found a vital balance again. 

I completed the rehabilitation program, proud of the job done and the journey undertaken.  I feel so enriched and happy with this experience.  

Ancre 5 - Jared

11 years old

School difficulties

This year, my son Jared started in CE1 (1st grade. I had been very worried about him since his time in preschool. His teacher had alerted me to his passive and inhibited attitude. He was very slow, often alone... Even if he had learned to read in CP (Kindergarten), I could feel that he was "missing things" and not living his schooling.

Despite some periods of struggle that slowed down Jared's progress, positive changes quickly appeared with Neuro&Co. 

Today, Jared is no longer the same child: he has gained confidence, self-esteem and is doing much better in school. He goes there with pleasure.

As a result, his older brother  Adam, 16, joined the program too. I already see him being more thoughtful, more invested in his work, which he finally finds interesting! 

Ancre 6 - Laurence C.

Laurence C.
56 years old

Burnout, Insomnia

One morning, I woke up unable to go to work, with a lump in my throat, pain in my right hip, the base of my skull, and my neck. I hadn't been able to sleep for months. I couldn't  open my computer, or even concentrate on reading emails. I experienced panic attacks at the thought of leaving my apartment, and I even thought about  suicide. The doctor diagnosed me with burnout.

The sessions - twice a  week for several months - quickly brought about an improvement in my well-being. At first, it seemed unbelievable, but I must admit that I was surprised and satisfied. I started regaining control of my life, confident in my choices, having new projects. Simply healed!

The neuro-training requires determination and the acceptance that progress might not happen as fast as desired until the nervous system accepts the proposed image and a different but fairer vision of our reality, and our history.

I can only recommend this method which is reliable with outstanding results in everyday life. 


Stress Syndrome


When I met Dominique, and this method of the circles, which he practiced, I would never have continued the sessions, if the almost absolute guarantee of his honesty had not been certified to me by one of my friends.

               The principle was already not very clear to me.

I had looked at the various explanations given on the net, but I admit that it left me a little perplexed.


               Why, and how would a rehabilitation method by correcting my vision help me get better?


               I was not convinced, if not at all.

                However, my friend, who herself had tried the method, had described to me all the improvements in her behavior, results which had seemed rather promising to me for my case, I who felt so little in control, nor of my emotions, neither of my thoughts, nor even of many of my acts.


                 So why not try?

Since the age of fifteen I had been looking for a solution to this persistent malaise, and I believe that I have tried so many things that I could write a novel about it.


                  In fact, I'm a bit like a construction site. Never finished! Still under construction!

When I looked into this strange device that reminded me of a pinball machine wrapped in a black sheet, lights off, the balls were flipping in every corner.

                 It was mind-blowing.


I asked myself a thousand questions.

Why were these balls moving like this in all directions? Did I have a real sight problem? Was the machine rigged? Why after each session did my brain also go into a spin at the four corners of my thirty-six candles? Who manipulated my being in this way? Why in the middle of the circles, like bewitched balls, did the letters dance like snakes under the spell of a flute of ink?

Where did those eyes come from that stared at me? 

A tall black figure often came to greet me.

                  I was afraid to give up my soul to him. 

I was so afraid of them sometimes that I felt like I was in real danger.

                    But what danger?

Dominique was calm and caring, reassuring. 

Why such dread?


                     When I got home, my anxiety was so present that it seemed to me that it was she who wanted me to stop. "STOP!" she told me. "You're going crazy! WARNING! DANGER!"

I had experienced the same thing in my multiple psychotherapies. My whole being forbade me to continue.

STOPPED! Stop before you die! Die of what? 

To watch colorful circles laugh at me?

Die of all these fears dressed in lies!


                      I started resenting them for those little circles.

After realizing that the machine was not rigged, that my eyes were neither myopic nor tired, I wondered by what sleight of hand the small circles which were well drawn, in the desired number, suddenly played the dirty trick either to disappear, or to multiply, or to run in all directions like unruly pupils that nothing manages to calm down.


                     I've always had trouble imposing myself! 

It easily climbs on my head. 

I can't say no. 

Nor set my limits to anyone.


                      Everyone called me nice. Too kind!

I was just unable to express any resistance to anyone.


I suffered so many rapes that I cannot say the exact number. Consensual rapes, without desire, just because saying no was not programmed into my duties.


                       My whole being escaped me, like a raft pushed by the terrible waves of a raging sea. No anchor. No veil. Just the waves of a force so violent that they dragged me from madness to madness. 

So taming these little circles, seeing them, session after session, resolving to respect order and stability under my more and more assertive gaze, gives me so much satisfaction, that for me, it is there, the finest revenge.


Sailors brave the sea, are stronger than the waves, when they do not perish there.

Me, more modestly, of course, but all the same with the same feeling of having won, I delight more and more in my victories over them.


No more fooling around, little circles!

You will stay very wisely in line, two by two! Attention! Let not one of you move! No but! Who orders here?

YOU? Or me?


Yes! Take back orders! No more autopilot! No more non-mastery!


All my life I've weathered the storms from defeat to defeat. My brain was no more stupid than today.

Just unable to derive any benefit, no lesson from the passage of time.

Quite the contrary! Even the largest and most beautiful ship, if its rudder is twisted, avoids drifting.


              I always believed that one day finally I will be. 


              As if faith in this evidence had never left me.

I had always believed that I would finally be white. I felt so dark deep inside me. In appearance, sometimes, I managed to deceive the eyes which only saw me from the outside, the whiteness that I displayed, most often only for a while.


Black was my soul, as if the light could not illuminate my mind. 

Black with mourning for the one I could be, buried even before I was born.

Black like my clothes, like my ideas, like the interior of this tower from which I could not escape.

Black as the death that terrified me.

Black as death, which  alone could pull me out of the darkness of this hell.

Black as are the bad, the wicked, the culprits, all carpeted under their darkness.


I was waiting for the light.

I was expecting the white.


All my life, I dreamed of this metamorphosis.


Blanche, that was what living was for me.


It was the little circles that taught me a lesson.


Life is this rainbow that has come to open in my heart.


The white and the black were just my ghost, born from all these lies.


Red is this love, which in my veins awakens my old body, which flows like the sap of a tree, and gives it back the promised flowers of its spring.


Yellow is light, what seed resists it and does not germinate to rise to the sun?


Green like the ocean, with waves without foam, mountains and plains, endlessly offering me eternity.


Violet, with a knowing wink, keeps its touch of madness, for fear of becoming too wise.


Orange and pink, brown, and even gray, all in love with this irresistible desire for life.


And then the blue! 

               The blue that I wanted so much to keep for the end.

                          A blue ending. 


               No more fear of wolves, no more bruising! 

               The blue of the end is the end of the storms.


It's when the sky and the sea finally make peace, when suddenly we can't remember what the bad weather was like. No matter how much we open our eyes, we no longer recognize the turmoil in which we were however plunged.


It's very calm, peaceful, a gentle roll rocks me with these dreams wide open to this new world.


                   Finally, I like these circles,                          

                                               they taught me about life!    



What is intriguing about this therapeutic approach is that subtle, gradual changes occur slowly over time, which will be confirmed by the passage of time. Many people diligently follow the training, testifying to the importance of the sessions, and few are those who can specify the nature of the transformation. However, it has occurred, and they observe that their attitude towards life has changed.

The content of this site is for informational purposes only.

It cannot be considered as medical advice and cannot replace it.

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